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Heart Health :

It has been known to decrease blood pressure.

Cholesterol :

Studies suggest a decrease in cholesterol formation, helping reduce LDL, while increasing HDL.

Iron Content :

Its high iron content makes it ideal for anemic individuals, adolescent girls and expecting mothers. Taken regularly it prevents anemia.

Antioxidant Protection :

Jaggery has a high oxygen absorbing capacity, which helps absorb and flush out toxins, excess water in our bodies, making it an ideal antioxidant. Known to be rich in reversing natural cell aging processes in our bodies. It may help in liver and other cell repair due to this exceptional quality. Ideal for elimination of everyday environmental pollutants and stress, all which release toxins in our bodies.

Respiratory Problems :

In Ayurveda jaggery is often used in all kinds of respiratory ailments including common coughs and colds. The toxin elimination capacity helps in this aspect.

Better GI Index as opposed to processed Sugar :

As jaggery contains fiber and other soluble minerals it has a lower GI index. Usually ranging around 40- 46. This prevents blood sugar spikes in our bodies, as it gets digested slowly, causing a sustained insulin release. It is more of a complex carbohydrate than sugar, releasing energy and warmth for over an extended period of time. Inadvertently decreasing harm on our internal organs.

Digestive Aid :

Jaggery has been used to facilitate digestion. Used to aid heartburn and acidic stomach issues. It is known to activate the digestive enzymes and itself convert to to acetic acid in the stomach thereby speeding up digestion. Stimulating bowels and cleansing of toxins, prevention of constipation are some of the known benefits. Many Indians use jaggery as an after meal treat, specially after a heavy meal.

It's not too late. You should switch to Jaggery today!. Add it to your meal schedule for a few days and feel the sweet difference.