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Welmor Enterprise is dedicated in providing and promoting the highest quality organic heart healthy sugar substitute “Sweet Wellness”TM (Jaggery) and related products, without sacrificing taste to the health conscious consumer.

About Welmor Enterprise

This has been an ancient sweetener used in Ayurveda to cure innumerable problems from heart burn to high blood pressure. Made from organic sugarcane juice this unprocessed/ unrefined product warms and strengthens the body, mind and spirit.

The company came into existence in 2014; however it has been in development for the past 4 years. We would like to make it accessible in different forms and for it to be used in all spheres of daily life, as it is in its country of origin “India”.

My journey began 5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It was a wakeup call, making me closely examine my eating habits and lifestyle. Going through chemotherapy / radiation, made me go back to my roots evaluating all I had consumed as I grew up. Unable to eat any more sugar, I dove into examining this ancient form of unrefined sugarcane juice product which had been used in centuries in India. I found the amazing benefits of sugarcane, when unprocessed, retained all the polyphenols and flavonoids making it beneficial to our bodies down to the cellular level. I found a lack of organic “Jaggery”, in the US, hence began my quest.

After much research and visiting various farms, trying out many different varieties, I have settled on this particular organic Jaggery and would like to bring it to the local American household in place of refined sugarcane. Thus I bring forth “Sweet Wellness” to make your life sweeter and healthier.